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Professional Experts Service

Our Expert Services cover a wide range of activities where deep and very specific knowledge and experience of our experts can be beneficial for our clients.

Safety Test Equipment

Test device according to UN Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods e.g. BM Fallhammer, BAM Friction tester, Steel shell tester or A21/O.2 tester

Laboratory Test

Test device for testing the accelarated ageing behaviour of elastomeres e.g. cable materials or testing the thermal sensitivity of PVC material or testing the evaporation loss of oils

Heating Block Thermostat

Test equipment for testing Thermal Sensitivity e.g. Bergmann-Junk, Methyl-Violet etc

World Wide Delivery and References

Since 1994 we delivered our products to many countries of the European Union, the United States, Asia and Latin America and Africa. Our major clients include military R&D and testing centres, cable manufacturers, oil testing labs, universities, explosives and ammunition manufacturers and other related industries.