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Dutch Pressure Vessel Test (DPV)

Apparatus for determining the sensitiveness of materials to the effect of intense heat under defined confinement, according to the UN Recommendations on the TRANSPORT OF DANGEROUS GOODS, Manual of Tests and Criteria, Test E.2. and E.3.

The DPV-Tester consists of:

  • ?Pressure vessel made of stainless steel type 316 AISI,
  • Inner Ø 50 mm, internal height 94.5 mm,?
  • Tripod with holder for pressure vessel?
  • Base plate and for fixation of tripod?
  • Protective cylinder?
  • Set of 8 nozzle plates with orifice of 1.0-2.0-3.5-6.0-9.0-12.0-16.0 and 24.0 mm
  • ?1 TECLU-Burner?Set of 20 aluminium bursting discs, rated toburst at 6.2 bar ±10% at 22°C